It has been extraordinary working with Reena as my mortgage agent. She engaged genuinely in the process, helping my wife and me purchase our first home. She has always been there whenever we had questions, concerns, or needed clarification, and possesses the expertise and a wealth of knowledge to guide you. She also checks in to see how we are doing and works hard to secure the best rates. Working with her is a pleasure. She is an agent who truly cares.

– Siddharth C., ON

This is the third time me and my partner working with Reena Visani for our mortgage. When we purchased our first home back in 2020, we had a great experience working with Reena and the application of our mortgage went well.

In 2021 I had to close a condo, and a friend of mine who was a mortgage broker asked me to give him the business which was proven to be a mistake, I had a very difficult time dealing with his underwriter. Within 2 weeks before closing, Reena was able to help me to apply for the mortgage successfully. I appreciated it very much.

Today me and my partner closed another house, and our experience working with Reena was just as great as the first time.

I want to use this opportunity to highlight the strength I find about Reena which is the ability to focus on the details and help us every step of the way.

Again. Thank you very much, Reena.

 – Tony W. & Kristopher W., ON

Reena – You are a smart, intelligent and hardworking individual. You helped us in getting us the best interest rates at the right time. You guided us through the process and you were so instrumental in working with the bank, builder and lawyer which was very crucial for getting our house closed at the right time. I am totally impressed by your communication skills and working with multiple stakeholders. I would highly recommend your service to all the people who are looking for mortgages to get their home closed. Smart agents like you makes our life easy especially during these tough times. Thank you for everything!

– Abhay D. & Chaitra R., ON

Reena is one of the most diligent communicative professionals I have ever worked with and made us feel empowered during our refinancing, despite being at a disadvantage and tough market conditions, I feel we got the best outcome possible.   Thank you for your help and guidance!

– Jennifer & Paul M., ON

My realtor recommended Reena Visani for my mortgage needs. It turned out to be one of the best recommendations I have received. From my first interaction with her till the closing date, Reena was thorough, professional and gave us all the advice that a first time home buyer would need … and more. She even provided the necessary information to help us in taking informed decisions, guidance to timely plan our finances and most importantly found us the best mortgage rates in a high-interest rate market.

Even after the mortgage was approved, she went further and kept an eye on the interest rates. When there was dip in the rates, she quickly re-applied for a rate revision (with our consent of course) and got us an even better rate on an already good rate! I couldn’t have asked for more.

For her professionalism, knowledge of the markets and to find the best mortgage in the market, I would highly recommend Reena Visani.

– Shrinidhi N. & Madhubanti G., ON

One of the most special experiences in someone’s life is buying that first home. The feeling is even more special when you are buying your first home with your partner. While it is a special feeling it is also nerve wrecking as it involves so many nitty grities. My spouse  and I are  immigrants just getting introduced to the world of real estate  in Toronto, which needless to say  is not for the faint hearted . Fortunately for us the whole process was a piece of cake and as seamless as it can get. We attribute all of that to our mortgage advisor Reena. Without her it would not have been possible. Not only is Reena meticulous she is extremely professional transparent and a task master. I come from a finance and sales background and I understand how important service is when it comes to client interactions and sales. Reena by far has raised the bar very high with her efficient professional and timely service. She made sure to keep us informed every step step of the way and guide us as we took off on this mortgage journey. Looking forward to working with you again. Thank you for all your assistance.

– Devyani K. & Saugat B., ON

For a life experience that is never easy, Reena made my mortgage lender change and renewal the most efficient and pleasant mortgage experience I’ve had. Cannot recommend highly enough.

– Peter W., ON

It was a great experience working Reena. As first time home buyers we needed a lot of information and clarifications. Reena was very patient with us and really great help and support. Highly recommend her!

– Sharvari J. & Thomson M., ON

My wife and I worked with Reena Visani to manage the sale of our condo and purchase of our new home. There were so many moving pieces for us in these two transactions, and Reena was pivotal in our success. She was always available to help us with our questions, run scenarios with us to help us plan better, and was patient and supportive while we learned the process. Working with Reena was like working with a friend, and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone without a second thought!

– Viet L. & Sarah S., ON

This is the second time Ms. Reena Visani helped me with my mortgage application. What really impress me is her knowledge of mortgage, professional skill of communication. During the second time of my mortgage application, it was short notice from my builder and Reena was able to help me to successfully apply mortgage before the closing date.

– Tony W., ON